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As a dynamic and rapidly expanding Recruitment firm, we cater to diverse industry sectors with our inventive and tailor-made approaches, driven by our unwavering dedication to research. We serve various projects including but not limited to Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Financial services HR, Legal and Information Technology.

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Accounting & Finance

The distinction between a skilled and subpar accountant can have significant financial and time repercussions. However, with Nexon Staffings, you won't have to endure the process of finding one repeatedly, as we offer highly competent accountants right from the start. Our meticulous selection process ensures that we provide accountants and financial resources who not only excel in handling numbers but also possess exceptional business acumen. You can rely on Nexon Staffings to secure the finest accounting and financial assets for your company, ensuring that your financial matters are in the hands of capable professionals from day one.

Our comprehensive panel of accounting and financial experts is readily available to cater to your specific needs in these domains. Utilizing state-of-the-art search technology, we can swiftly connect you with the skilled professional you seek. Alongside CPAs, we also boast a vast database of non-CPAs who excel in small business accounting and financial consulting, offering you a wide array of expertise to choose from.

Nexon Staffings provides the perfect solution for all your accounting and finance staffing requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Accounts Receivable Specialist

  • Billing Specialist

  • Bookkeeper

  • Budget Analyst

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Collections Specialist

  • Compliance Officer

  • Cost Accountant

  • Credit Analyst

  • Credit Control Officer

  • Estate Planner

  • External Auditor

  • Financial Accountant

  • Financial Analyst

  • Financial Controller

  • Financial Planner/Advisor

  • Financial Reporting Analyst

  • Finance Manager

  • Forensic Accountant

  • Fund Accountant

  • Hedge Fund Accountant

  • Internal Auditor

  • Inventory Accountant

  • Investment Analyst

  • Investment Banker

  • Investment Operations Specialist

  • Loan Officer

  • Management Accountant

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Analyst

  • Payroll Specialist

  • Real Estate Analyst

  • Risk Analyst

  • Securities Analyst

  • Tax Accountant

  • Tax Consultant

  • Treasury Analyst

  • Venture Capital Analyst

  • Financial Systems Analyst

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